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About MEIOU and Taxes

Welcome to the Patreon page of MEIOU and Taxes.

This mod has been formed by the merger of two major EUIII mods: MEIOU created in 2007, and Death & Taxes created in 2011, following the announcement of Europa Universalis IV.

The former's name is a play on the old Habsburg motto AEIOU. Which means Autria Est Imperare Orbi Universo or, in English, "it is Austria's destiny to rule the world". We changed the first word from Austria to Mihi, changing the meaning to "it is my destiny to rule the world". The second is based on a quote of Benjamin Franklin: "in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."

It adds over a thousand new provinces and hundreds of new nations to conquer and tax. Almost every aspect of the game has been either reworked or completely redone... and continues to be reworked, to find new ways to improve the gameplay.

* Fifteen-hundred new provinces and counting, as well as new nations.
* Extends the timeline, offering five hundred years of history (1356-1856).
* Reworked religious mechanics with Dharper's Dei Gratia.
* New trade system.
* New subject integration system.
* Overhauled graphics and map courtesy of EOOQE.
* A unique musical score composed by ciadude2.

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