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A humble reward, a humble thanks.

"Aristotle was an ancient Greek philosopher and scientist born in the city of Stagira, Chalkidiki, in the north of Classical Greece. Along with Plato, Aristotle is considered the "Father of Western Philosophy", which inherited almost its entire lexicon from his teachings, including problems and methods of inquiry, so influencing almost all forms of knowledge. 

Thales of Miletus
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Immediate access to early hyper betas and scrapped ideas. Very shameful.

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"Thales is recognized for breaking from the use of mythology to explain the world and the universe, and instead explaining natural objects and phenomena by theories and hypotheses, in a precursor to modern science. Almost all the other Pre-Socratic philosophers followed him in explaining nature as deriving from a unity of everything based on the existence of a single ultimate substance, instead of using mythological explanations."

Marcus Aurelius
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I don't know what goes here. Help me figure it out.

(All previous included)

"Among Roman Emperors he has been called "The Philosopher".
He was a practitioner of Stoicism, and his personal philosophical writings, which later came to be called Meditations, are a significant source of the modern understanding of ancient Stoic philosophy. They are considered by many commentators to be one of the greatest works of philosophy"




Creating "high quality" video game entertainment is part of our dna. Currently, our force of over 20,000 (*paid) laborers are working around the clock to help develop "MADDEN 2K20" along with other titles. Small games for big brains.

*paid : Under Texas state law act 13: 5-2, we are not legally obligated to pay our workers
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Life is game, only game. Testosterone maxed out, gains will be massive.
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