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Welcome to my Patreon!
I'm a mixed media artist, illustrator, comic creator and independent game developer (BSc Games Design) based in Leeds, UK. 

I'm currently working on a book of paleo art (dinosaurs, mostly!), frequent abstract pieces in oils, pencil and digital. I'm also working on Creeping Me Out, a forthcoming print comic series about a bunch of young adults juggling school, paranormal oddities, relationships, inter-dimensional parasites - all that good stuff. 

I also dabble in indie game development, pixel graphics and retro gaming, so there’s a lot to take in, and barely enough time!

Why back my projects?

By becoming a Patron you're supporting a lot of experimentation and helping me chip away at long term projects like comics and traditional art. You’ll have behind the scenes, work in progress access to whatever I’m working on at the time. Exclusive sketches and experiments will be regularly posted here for backers. I aim to have a patron only picture or project every week. You’ll also (optionally) be credited in any videos, games or books I publish!

Why only one tier?
I was quite rushed to get this Patreon set up, hoo boy! I'm starting with a tip jar and will transform things into a more complex campaign once a couple of my major projects are simpler to promote. Just know that anything, however small is hugely appreciated and you’re great! 🙂
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Software licenses.

Drawing digitally, and tinkering in various dev platforms adds up pretty fast. Subs for Clip Studio, Adobe Suite and Construct, among others. Covering these would take some pressure off. 
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