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First and foremost, THANK YOU for making it this far and visiting our Patreon page.

Just showing up here already shows tremendous support. We hope we can fuel your initial spark of curiosity and inspire you to become a patron or even just give us a shout out by sharing this with your friends, family and social networks. We live for spreading joy in the world (#PartyThePlanet) and your support makes that possible.

So, with that...

We're MF Ruckus. We play Rock n Roll.

We write, we tour, we crack jokes and we make fun as we continue our ongoing mission to Party The Planet and find joy through bringing joy to a sea of smiling faces around the world.

We are guided by a sacred mission, vision and values as outlined in The Manifesto Fraterno:

Manifesto Fraterno
A statement of definite purpose and vision

Motivating Foresight
A sea of smiles on Many Faces in many places stretched across the globe

Mission Focus
We make Fun for a living. We Manufacture Fun. We Merchandise Fun. We Make Fun of you, We Make Fun of
ourselves, we make fun for nothing more than the sake of Fun. As one Makes Love, We Make Fun and We Make
Fun To Everyone.

Major Fundamentals

Mi Familia
We make family and Friends top priority. We are married Folk, Mentoring Fathers, Men of Faithfulness, Moral
Fiber and Fortitude. We Make Friends, We Mingle With Fans and we always Make Time For Family. All that we
do and all that we are is for the benefit of those we love. Without those we love, we are but half men. We
seek to honor our Wives, Children, Parents and communities, to make them proud.

Mystic Fraternity
We share a magnificent Friendship which serves as the Magic Formula for our Masterpiece Formulations. Our
Merged Forces, greater that the sum of our parts, creates a morphogenetic Field, the secret to our mighty
Force. We treat one another with respect, kindness and compassion while at the same time holding one
another to the highest of standards.

Melt Faces
We hold sacred the rites of the night. We will serve our audience to the best of our abilities Whether one or
one thousand. We Melt Faces, Murder Festivals, Mach Shau, Moisten Frauleins and Make Fridays for our Many
Fans. Our Musical Feats are Monstrous as Fuck.

Musical Freedom
We welcome any and all ideas. Wherever one member Fares, we shall Merrily Follow and Masterfully
Facilitate. We are an Imagination Factory. We are Malleable, Flexible and always Make it Fresh.

Maybe Forever
The music of Chuck Berry continues today to travel through space in the hopes of reaching alien civilizations.
It is possible that these alien civilizations could continue passing it on to even more alien civilizations, long
after humans are gone, ad infinitum, until the end of all time. Therefore, theoretically, when asked how long
a great song can really last, the answer is: Maybe Forever. We seek to leave a legacy of Musical Influence and
as monumental folk-heroes. We seek to Mend Fences, Meliorate Friendship and Make Terra Firma a better
Place than we found it. We aim to be memorialized Fondly as Magnificent Fellows of Musical Forte. As we
bring joy, so shall we find joy.

Many Feats & Many Feasts
A life well lived is one hero’s journey after another. We seek a life rich with experience, rife with adventure,
full of abundance and prosperity. We seek Fortune and Glory so that we may bestow these boons to our
families, our community and for the benefit of all. We know that we can Make Fun and Make a Fortune.
This is our divine Compass, Our Distant Shore, Our Guiding Star, Our Path To Bliss
Our Motto of Fealty towards a Meaningful Future
So say we, the Mighty Fellowship
Mother Fucking Ruckus

In exchange for the generous contributions pledged by our Patrons, we offer free and discounted merch, free passes to shows, exclusive audio and video content, rare memorabilia, pizza and beer parties and much more. We aim to under-promise, over-deliver and astonish our supporters with our creative output and appreciation.

When we originally started this page, we did so with the intention of funding our serialized concept album and graphic novel, The Front Lines of Good Times. We generated a decent amount of support, recruited approximately 40 Patrons and managed to put out the first book. We celebrated, threw a big release party and had an awful lot of fun. 

Then, things got a little rough. Because of our limited resources, we were only able to pay our artist Joshua Finely a thousand dollars to make a 15-20 page comic, which if you're wondering, is a paltry fee for a professional illustrator of his caliber. Josh had to work on the book in his spare time. Meanwhile, we had songs sitting in the studio collecting dust and forward momentum stalling on the project.

After a while, our Patreon page wasn't really doing much. No new releases meant no working capital from our Patrons. We were stuck.

It wasn't long, however, before a few of our Patrons began to contact us wondering why they were never charged for anything aside from the one release. We would say, "Well, we haven't put anything out, so you haven't been charged". Several of these people told us "I signed on because I believe in what you are doing and I want to help. I would gladly give you guys money every month if it would help you do what you're here to do."

And so, we switched gears from a per release pledge structure to a per month structure. Now, the generous monthly contributions from our Patrons go to fund our ongoing studio projects, video releases, live production, merchandise, tours and all of our never-ending outflow of creative ventures. 

This also includes, but is not limited to, our concept album and graphic novel project, The Front Lines of Good Times.

The original description of the project can be found below.

The Front Lines of Good Times

During this uncertain and catalytic era in human history, the world needs heroes. Heroes to protect us from our own fears. Heroes who make us laugh. Heroes who play rippin' guitar solos and melt our faces. We would like to be those heroes….

in comic form anyway...

The Front Lines of Good Times is a serialized concept album and graphic novel set in the not-so-distant pre-apocalyptic future. The year is 2040. A near-extinction event known as "The great dying" has wiped out two-thirds of the Earth's population through a long, drawn out series of seemingly unrelated causes. Organized governments and religions around the world have dissolved giving way to new systems of rule and worship, some of which are quite dark and destructive. Such is the case in the United States where a military Junta has felled the democratic republic in place of a harsh and brutal fascist regime known as the New Order of Fundamentalist Utilitarian Nationalists (NOFUN for short). All forms of art, entertainment and philosophy have been strictly regulated under the Ministry of Entertainment. Any and all forms of communication deemed to be subversive are considered treason are punishable by exile, even death. Only analog forms of communication (Television and Radio) are available and all programming is strictly regulated, producing only stiff, boring, NOFUN propaganda. This content is pumped into every home in the crowded, impoverished mega-cities 24 hours a day.

Outside of the cities, in the lawless and sparsely populated outlands live every kind of dissident and desperado imaginable. Traders, scrappers, nomads, bandits, marauders, musicians, journalists, comedians, writers and artists. Among these exiled refugees is MF Ruckus. Formed together as teenagers out of a need for survival, the members of MF Ruckus have spent 20 years roaming the outlands, trading, scavenging, entertaining at speak-easies and documenting the process for possible future generations. They are hunted by all sides. NOFUN wants them hanged as traitors. Doomsday cults predict them as bringers of destruction. Criminal ne'er-do-wells wish to use them as proxies in fiendish plots. An emerging resistance seeks them as agents of revolution. This, is of course, all unknown to our heroes who simply seek to survive in this harsh world with the hope of one day, finding peace and salvation either at the end of NOFUN's tyrannical rule, or in their own death.

This story and the Adventures of MF Ruckus unfold one chapter at a time through the illustrations of Joshua Finley and the writing of MF Ruckus's members Aaron Howell, Ty Blosser, Logan O'Connor, Parker Meehan and Tony Lee. Each chapter of the story is brought to life through narration voiced by the band members themselves as well as a new song each issue providing the soundtrack for this epic journey. It is a fun, darkly funny, exciting and eerily prophetic adventure for Rock n Roll and Sci-Fi Fantasy fans in the tradition of Heavy Metal Comics, The Walking Dead, Prophet, The Last of Us and The Mad Max films. 

Funds generated through your subscription will go towards studio time at Evergroove Studio in Evergreen, CO; paying our very busy and highly skilled illustrator Joshua Finley; hiring guest musicians; building and distributing guerrilla art components; creating video content; touring expenses (flights, equipment, vehicle rental, lodging, food) plus any other miscellaneous expenses. Our record label RodeoStar Records in Hamburg, Germany will be handling the costs of printing, distributing and marketing the first vinyl release (Front Lines of Good Times Part 1), but everything else is all on us. We are VERY excited about this project and while we will do the best we can with what we have and make it happen no matter what, the more resources we have, the better we can make it.

Patrons contributing to this project can expect early access to issues of the comic, free downloads, access to exclusive content and much more!

Thank you so much for your support!

Aaron, Tony, Ty and Logan
MF Ruckus
19 of 50 patrons
When we hit 50 Patrons, we will celebrate by writing a song about how much you guys mean to us.
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