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I'll multishine as many times as I can in a video and send it to you
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You get above reward, as well as a hearty greeting at any Smash events I see you at. May contain hugs and sappiness
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Endless friendlies with me at any tourney that we happen to meet at. If the TO says to get off the setup then my b :(  (To be fair I'd prob do endless friendlies with you anyways but if you want to help my stream than thank you)




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I just play melee competitively and stream sometimes, any money on here gets put into either better stream equipment or entrance for tourneys, and since I'm a 16 year old and don't have bills to pay, any left over money will go to Doctors Without Borders, or any other trustable charity. 
$0 of $60 per month
Purchase of new game of whatever gets the most votes on a poll I make as soon as I reach the goal, to which ill play to completion on stream. Once the game is complete I'll donate 10 dollars to Doctors Without Borders to celebrate my conquering of said game.
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