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About Mike Fields

I Love To Help Others Be Successful.
My vision is to find that perfect match for your business needs. Anyone can play connect the dots in a resume database algorithm. Business that use such services often find the wrong candidate. However, many business utilize recruiters for such purposes but are limited to the resources at hand. Thats what makes TASK very important. We interact with the community and engage in content driven social networks, gather around others, and mingle as we information exchange. 

The very person you seek may never know about you, your business, and or open job position. That is, until they are connected. They may not be seeking employment at the time you are searching. Many will not see your advertisement, or job adds for that skilled position.

What your business needs is one of our Talent Acquisition Service Knights! The best part is, we love doing what we do, and we are not limited to red tape.We think outside the box, and utilize our knowledge that just cant be done by others. Like law enforcement bounty hunters for businesses.

My services and helpful guidance is something I have volunteered to do on my own. Recently, it was suggested that I push forward and change it from a hobby to a business. I do not plan on this being a solo gig either. So I will need your help in creating the ultimate team.

Community Driven
The viewers and community are the most important part of this. The ideas, support, funding & friendship that everyone provides is all key to making everything we do more efficient, higher quality & actually getting the content you want. Build a community where no one is excluded & other content providers can work together to make a Better Tomorrow..

The Content
At the moment we are waiting for more of resources to be available as we assemble T.A.S.K. from the ground up. A division of GOWAH.Info. Working within our local community and outreach programs before expanding to world wide business services. In the future we will provide videos on our adventures. The Search For The Perfect Employee! Where users can watch first hand, engage in, and help our search perhaps though live interaction and streaming services. There are a lot of ideas and possibilities, which I would love to include you all in.

I will be posting such adventures on Team GOWAH's twitter page. Where you can follow our adventures, share ideas, and exchange in experiences. Looking forward to uploaded video and blog content here soon.

Fun Facts: I have helped many find awesome Jobs they never expected to have or lacked ability to contact. One in which was my own father, with many years of various work experiences. Long story short, I met a business owner whom I had interacted with over several months in quick general conversation during rest room breaks. Embarrassing and funny as it sounds, idle conversation retained is critical to social networking. Now, I was happily working across the building for another company. And this Professional business owner wasn't seeking to add an employee at the time, but we did exchanged work experiences over our idle talks, and connected him to my father at some point. Whom, shocking to me, hired him on the spot. Now you see, my father wasn't seeking a job or career change. But due to his experience and qualifications, made him an exceptional addition to this business. Which is one of the top most respected business and highly utilized in the United States! Truth be told. It was a life changing event for both, and a career lifer in the making. This is just one of the many stories I have and would love to share with everyone. 

Websites - GOWAH.Info
Mike Fields is a member of Team GOWAH - Get Online Work At Home Information. 

Patreon & Fan Funding
Patreon & Donations really help improve the way services are provided. I will always be trying to improve as it is but, the donations make a dramatic difference. Moreover no-one needs to donate, you can help massively with content ideas, chatting, supporting us or even just saying hi! Patreon is just another way for viewers or fans to support us.

I want people to really enjoy my helpful services & to get everyone involved.
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I want to be able to prove to my wife once and for all, that It is possible to have have your dreams come true. With your support on this small goal being reached. It will prove that their are many whom value the services I provide and wish me the best as I continue forward helping others along the way.
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