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Ghost Friends

$1 /creation
By becoming my patron, you earn the official title of Ghost Friend. What does this get you? Why, my undying gratitude of course! Ba dum tiss! (But seriously. I really appreciate t...

Skate Mates

$3 /creation
We're like mates who go skating together on the regular! We catch up, share our thoughts, and I would totally lend you my multi tool to tighten that wobbly toe-stop.

You get all previous r...

Super Secret Magic Club

$5 /creation
Psst! Don't tell anyone, but you've just been accepted as a member of the Super Secret Magic Club! How, you ask? I vouched for you - that's how much I trust you, friend!

You get all previo...

Siffle Gangers

$10 /creation
Want to join the coolest gang there is? Well, old Sif the rescue cat here was king of the streets in his day, fighting foxes and eating garbage like there was no tomorrow! Now he's king of the sofa...

Pancake Pals

$15 /creation
You're such a lovely patron and friend, I would totally make you pancakes or other baked goods if you came to my house! But instead, I shall give you something I can post through the internet witho...

Breakfast Buds

$30 /creation
This is the patron equivalent of being such good friends that we would go out for breakfast all the time and just hang like best buds. I would even give you one of my egg yolks - the golden breakfa...