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I will send you high resolution digital images of my paintings, one per month, until all have been sent. Any new paintings will be sent once they are completed.

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Along with the updates and painting images, you will receive a full copy of each of my video games.  Currently, these include Anomalies, Star Explorers, Rocket Blasters and Paradox Vector. Future games will also be sent as they are completed.

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In addition to the other rewards, you will also receive each of the original three "The Adventures of the Salamander" stories. These books take a unique approach to kids literature, by providing different reading levels in the same book. They are fun stories that cover important themes, such as: social justice, the environment, good morals, cheese, science, giant purple sea-monsters and much more!

Digital Copies
Patrons at the Salamander Level will also receive a digital copy of each of the books, including a PDF of the fourth in the series "Return of the Mirms."


Art as Scientific Research
I seek to engage in artistic expression the way a scientist engages in research. Scientific research often does not have a specific goal, or end product in mind, it is done for the sake of learning. Ultimately, what is learned will be incorporated into new technology, and this has allowed human beings to travel to the moon, communicate instantly around the planet, cure diseases and so on. That fundamental research is the key to doing all the amazing things we can do, but it is sometimes aimless, and discoveries are often made my mistake.

This is how I look at art. Imagine your life without your favorite book, favorite film, favorite video game etc... these things are important to us, we learn valuable lessons from them, and they influence our way of interacting with the world and each other. They are a kind of emotional technology that has become incredibly refined over the centuries, much like the physical technology of scientific advance. But it is the primary efforts of individuals that ultimately fuels the more robust entertainment industries.

As an artist, I am engaging in this raw, undirected research. I do not know what I will find or invent along the way. But in the core of my being I feel the need to experiment and discover those things that no one has done before.  It is this possibility of discovery that compels me to continue.

My Projects
I will be presenting my projects here, on this page, explaining my thoughts behind why I started them. As aimless as my goals may seem to be on the surface, I am equally confident in my ability to complete the large and complex undertakings that occur as a result.  

I have four video games published, the last of which is still being developed as an Early Access release. I've produced dozens of paintings, and have also written and self-published four children's books. These are not small accomplishments for an individual, especially since they have been largely self-funded. Still, the various Kickstarter projects have also been immensely helpful in those few cases, and they have given me a sense of hope about the kind of support that is already out there.

If you have enjoyed viewing any of my paintings, playing my games, reading my books, or engaging with my work in any way, please consider supporting this effort. Even $1 a month is greatly appreciated!

An American Muslim Artist
My work does not always make it clear, but my faith really does influence a lot of what I do artistically.  Beyond the obvious, like avoiding explicit imagery, I think it is important that people of faith have a voice in the art and entertainment industries.  For me this does not mean making art that teaches a particular religious precept.  Instead, for me it's about expressing my own personal thoughts or emotions in a way that is congruent with those precepts, not contradicting them.
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