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About Machine Learning Tokyo

MLT is an award-winning nonprofit organization supporting Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers and Researchers and a community of 5,000 members in Tokyo, Japan and beyond. Our mission is to create, grow and sustain an inclusive, collaborative and engineering focused environment. We facilitate opportunities to study, teach and build Artificial Intelligence projects, including Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science.

All our meetups are open and for free for the community. Meetups in Tokyo include:

  • Deep Learning Workshops
Topics we have covered so far: Intro to GANs, Advanced GANs Architectures, Object Detection, Intro to NLP Research, Convolution Operations, Learning in Deep Networks, Sequence to Sequence Learning.

  • Study Sessions
Open study groups and working sessions, with different themes (e.g. MLT x, Machine Learning math, Generative Deep Learning, Recommendation Systems) and mini-lessons (e.g. Image Classification)

  • Research: Paper Reading Sessions
Group discussions on cutting-edge research and academic papers in NLP and Deep Learning, including presentations.

  • Talks and Panel Discussions
Open to the public: Talks and Panel Discussions at the intersection of AI Research and Industry.

Curating and creating Machine Learning and Deep Learning resources
  • YouTube (Workshops, talks)
  • GitHub (Projects, code walkthroughs of our workshops)

MLT Community Members:
Anyone can become part of the Machine Learning Tokyo community by joining one of our online platforms:
28 of 50 patrons
When we reach 50 patrons we will be able to cover current costs that come along with organizing MLT (legal NPO costs and expenses, domain, Meetup hosting, ...) that allows us to provide opportunities for the community to learn and collaborate in Machine Learning.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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