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Hi, my name is Martin and I'm an indie game developer from Serbia. I like to see games made by one person or a very small number of peoples because these games have a very personal and unique touch. I make games because I like to share my point of view about games with others. :)

I have been making games since 2010 using Game Maker engine. Started from Game Maker 4, then worked in Game Maker 8, Game Maker Studio and currently using Game Maker Studio 2. You can find all of my games on my official page

Most of my games are focused on being dark themed, very atmospheric and usually they are sci-fi or fantasy themed. They are made for people who want to experience short, dark, mysterious stories with weird characters.

Why am I opening Patreon page? Since I started making games I had one goal in mind. To get this hobby to be my full-time job! But as time passed I realized that I like community and discussions that were based around my work and my games more than anything else. I kept trying to make this my permanent job and in the process, few games came out that had a price on them. As a result, many people who followed my work simply couldn`t afford my games. I found myself in a weird cycle where I want to have the community growing, but can`t accomplish that if the games I make have a price tag. And I need money To make matters worse, my games are not made for a big audience, just for the people who like dark melancholy experiences. Ultimately I found Patreon which seems like exactly what I needed. All my games can be available to everyone, but there is still an option for people who want to support my work.

Although all of my games are now "NAME YOUR OWN PRICE" I am extremely grateful to everyone who bought my games up to this point. Thanks to You I was able to upgrade my PC, buy the latest Game Maker engine and few more programs that helped my games look better and more professional. If You are someone who likes my work and who can afford to financially support my games please consider becoming Patreon supporter. If You can`t support my work financially, simply spreading the word about my games would also help a lot. Hopefully making games will one day become a full-time job and I`ll be able to create lots of weird, little dark games for all the fans of those types of games.

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This goal will help me make the game development my full-time job. As a result, I will make games more frequently. There are so many games I would love to make but for now, they are only planed on paper...
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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