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Patrons get a special rank on the discord server, and other bonuses as I decide on some


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This tier will provide  you with access to the beta, once I've got it uploaded to a platform (likely itch.io and/or Steam)




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About Michael Maxwell

Hi I'm Michael Maxwell.  I have been developing video games as a hobby for 4 years so far, but I'm looking to take it to the next step and become a full time Indie Game developer!   Unfortunately, that means I need start up cash, to incorporate a business, handle legal fees and such.  And to work full time, I need to be making enough money to pay bills and buy food.  I've recently started a day job which is sadly taking up time and energy, so project time has been diminished.

I currently have a few projects going.  One project is a reverse tower-defense, bullet hell game, fighting through a maze of turrets.  There will be ship upgrades, weapon upgrades, and a map editor.  Its still only in very early alpha, but I'm making great progress.  Another is a 2.5d top down RPG meant to be fairly straightfoward combat and mechanics fighting through procedural dungeons.   Third project on the go is a Gambling mini-game, with Slots, a version of Crapps, and a fighting ring, which will be the main focus to improve your fighter, fight tougher opponents and win!

I now have a discord to chat with patrons and fans about the game.

Any help to achieve my dream would be greatly appreciated!
$3.60 of $1,500 per month
This should be more than enough (hopefully) to incorporate my business, and be able to call myself an Indie Developer!

I'll also likely start looking into getting my first game onto Steam, and other platforms,  as an early access title!
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