Momo is creating Plushies,art & bjd clothes

Thank you list

$1 /mo
I will include your username / name in every post I make, I can even promote your page/s and such.

Fan Art!

$5 /mo
I will draw you sketches of anything you'd like and post it every Sunday!

Know How?

$10 /mo
I'll give you tutorials you'll ask for. From my kigurumis to skirts and anything I can do. Only you will be able to see it!

New Plushie!

$20 /mo
Email me a series or character you'd like to see as a plushie or a kigurumi. I'll make your dream come true. It will be added to my pre-order lists.

New Character + Behind the scenes!

$25 /mo
I'll be including your original character on my web comic! Email me reference pictures and their characteristics and we'll discuss the rest! You'll also get to see the behind the scenes of my comic...

You're my number 1!

$100 /mo
You have two options! 

1. For every plushie batch release, you can get one for free (just pay shipping). 

2. You can get 1 free cloth for your BJD every month + Free Accessories. Free shipping.