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DIGITAL LOGISTICS patrons receive high quality digital art files (PSD, PNG etc.) every month.
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DESIGN BUREAU members, in addition to the DIGITAL LOGISTICS tier rewards, receive a 2L 127x178mm physical print every month via post.

Orbital HQ
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In addition to both DIGITAL LOGISTICS and DESIGN BUREAU tier rewards, ORBITAL H.Q.  patrons receive A4 art prints and other exclusive additional art prints, crafts etc.




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MOTORPOOL is your one-stop shop for community-planned/sourced/brainstormed/ordered science-fiction design. From battlesuits to battleships, alien armour to outpost armchairs; I want to work with fans of *that* sort of science-fiction. The aim of MOTORPOOL is build bright, grounded science-fiction fun. With your input, let's craft up some cool gear and worlds to put them in. Strap in!

My name is Alex Connolly, and I've been scribbling for as long as I can remember. I've freelanced for a number of different concept art positions, including Neill Blomkamp and Oats Studios. Drawing inspiration from Terran Trade Authority, Moebius, Hergé and others, I love drawing highly detailed comic-style machinery, taking cues from real-life vehicles and hardware. 

I want to grow a community of like-minded science-fiction fans, and together, we'll discuss and design all manner of concepts, with the end result being high-quality art - both digital files and physical prints - for patrons. With your help, I want us to build a universe together.


DIGITAL LOGISTICS backers form a crucial part of the MOTORPOOL bureau, concerning themselves with archiving all manner of designs and concepts uploaded to this Patreon. Each backer at the DIGITAL LOGISTICS level gets high-resolution artwork, including PSD and -- if wanted -- MediBang Paint files. 

DIGITAL LOGISTICS backers also get access to monthly votes and discussion on art projects. 

DESIGN BUREAU backers bring the theoretical into the physical. In addition to the perks enjoyed by the DIGITAL LOGISTICS department, DESIGN BUREAU patrons receive a physical print each month, generally related to the previous month's voting and discussion. 

DESIGN BUREAU backers also receive a physical print of the MOTORPOOL backer collective artwork, which features each backer's exclusive design somewhere in the picture, celebrating the community. 

ORBITAL H.Q. represents the highest echelon of the MOTORPOOL community, bolstering the foundries with the best of intentions. Not only to ORBITAL H.Q. backers receive the perks and awards of both DIGITAL LOGISTICS and the DESIGN BUREAU, but enjoying A4 sizes and a number of other odds and sods, prints and whatnot.


MOTORPOOL is a project I'm undertaking outside of my day job, in a bid to not only build awesome machinery, but to bolster the income so I don't need to take on further work in the evenings. I'll be scribbling around the responsibilities that come with having three kids and a wife who works longer hours than I do, so if on occasion, I'm a little waylaid getting your art to you, please allow for a little wiggle room here and there.

In the event that we take this to the stars and hit some comfortable patron numbers, it will hopefully allow for further creative endeavours around here! Fingers crossed, actuators greased, fire-control system calibrated. 

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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