Miraclerifle is creating Red Storm Translations

Tribe Member

$1 /mo
You are one of the members of the tribe. Your support brings joy to the Glow.

Young Shaman

$5 /mo
You managed to become the disciple of the Chief Shaman. You are starting your training and start to comprehend the laws of nature one advanced chapters at a time.

Young Warrior

$10 /mo
You have just completed your coming-of-age ceremony and have been accepted as a new warrior of the tribe. The Glow gives his blessing and provides guidance with two advanced chapter.


$25 /mo
You have understood the basic laws of nature. The tribe needs your help to keep the warriors safe. Take these three advanced chapters to continue to provide assistance to the tribe.

Veteran Warrior

$50 /mo
You have been serving the tribe and fighting off the Shuarei for many years. The Glow appreciates your service and rewards you with four advanced chapters.

Red Storm Member

$100 /mo
You have been selected as one of the 57 members of Red Storm. Work with the Glow to unify the desert using the knowledge gained from five advanced chapters.