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is creating Justice, Scammers-Exposing, Helpful Community & Computer Science
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About Matthiew Richard

Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen !

Here I give Network Security tips, I regroup Software/Helpful links and i also expose Scammers, and regroup Scammers numbers on my Discord Server,
I prevent people from being scams by Showing the most Common Scams Technic and by regrouping Scammers numbers, I also have help some scammers victims, The Main purpose of My Youtube Channel is Computer Science and Fairness, I have fewer times than before, I am student and I work part times, so i mostly answer peoples on Discord and learn I learn news about the Technology everyday, I will upload more Video about Computer Science Soon! I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for all your Supports! Join My Discord Server!

All Support is appreciated, if You Want to Support Me please go see My Youtube Channel, I am doing This For Education Purposes

If I Can Make 50$ Per Month, I am Gonna be able to put a lot more times on The Scammers Exposing and Maybe even create a website with a Classy Forum and a Thank You Everyone Your Support Is Extremely Appreciated!


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Thank you very much!
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