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is creating YouTube Videos on Marvel Strike Force

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Street level heroes. Handles most of the work.  Nothing is possible without them.

Can get a shoutout in a video upon request

If in my discord can see some content before it is made public such as inforgraphics.

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Worldwide heroes. Saves Earth time and time again. Handle the big things. 

Receives all benefits of Defenders

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Universal Heroes.  Handle the massive things.  

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Priority Roster Reviews

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Hey its Paulo and if you've found your way here you probably know me as MSF PauloP13.  Since I've started this channel I have had one goal. To help the MSF community in any and all ways I can. Until now i have done this by making videos and reaching out to the community to the best of my abilities. I will continue to do this, but I now ask for your help.  In order to best help the community I want to be able to do new and unique giveaways that will help the community.  In order to do this I need your support as I don't have the resources to do this on my own. This support will directly help those who most deserve it the players of this game and that could include you.  I have enjoyed all my time interacting with all of you and will continue to be as reachable and helpful as possible in an effort to build and improve this community from something great to something even better. As always I'm here to help, but will you join me?
$3 of $10 per month
At 10 $ a month I can start saving up to get equipment and better hardware and software to improve video quality.
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