is creating maps, dungeons and other game stuff!
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You will receive high resolution images with no watermark. Where possible images will be in a printed and virtual tabletops format (Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds). Also you will receive individual image files (only available exclusively to patrons).
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You will get access to extra content like maps, map variations, tokens or experimental stuff like games, monsters, character sheets, and anything else I can dream up. You will also get access to a .pdf made especially for printing that has CMYK color information. This should make printing battlemaps for use with minis easier and more predictable.

The Art Collector!
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You will get all the Silver rewards but I'll also annually (or when you hit 60.00) send you some original artwork with a personal note of thanks! For this reward I will need your mailing address. I will contact you when the time comes. Unfortunately because of the cost of shipping this tier is only available in Canada and the USA. 
Once the two patrons at this level have met their reward this level will be modified.




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About MSJmaps

I'm an artist and avid gamer. I primarily make maps and other assets for the busy GM (or DM). My objective is to make your life easier! I create assets for both the real tabletop, the virtual kind and both when possible (which is mostly).

The maps, dungeons and other assets (like monster sheets and item cards) are left blank so you can customize and add your own personalized touch to them.

The maps and dungeons are often released in packs but not always. Sometimes an asset needs special attention because of it's size or some other factor.

All assets are available for a limited time so the longer you stay the more stuff you'll get :) I just think this is fair to my long time supporters. Be patient and you'll have a bunch of stuff too!

I release experimental stuff, bonus maps and other extras for my $2 patrons in appreciation for their extra support :) I try and make these releases between map pack releases or are added to packs as extra stuff.

I try and release as many variations with a pack as I can. Here is an example: 

470 Tomb of the Awoken

So I hope you will consider becoming a patron and joining me on this artistic/gaming adventure. Together hopefully we can create some great art!


Resources: The Bundles and Adventure Packs are all left blank so you can create your own adventures with them.  I put together a list of resources that can be used to help build and plan adventures. Right now they are all for 5e but eventually I hope to include other systems including my own.

Plan and build encounters:
Encounter Calculator
Character builder (and a lot more):
$109 of $300 per Weekly Bundle
I'll be able to upgrade my computer so I can create even larger maps for you! 
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