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Donate any amount really, that you think my work is worth. I believe in a free telegram built for Singaporeans crowdsourced by Singaporeans (incl. PR and foreigners here temporarily). For anyone and everyone who wants to help to support the creation of sgDoctors, a group that help save LIVES, that I created for everyone and me to complain about BAD doctors. But more importantly, if you are sick and run out of money, you can ask everyone for donations and spam without anyone (because it's me) banning you (other than the rule settings by the programme). I will also help build this pretty neat group called sgInvestors that lets you check stock prices with little commands. Basically my dream app when I was an investment banking analyst okay. NO CENSORSHIP. Only temporary bans for bad behaviour like porn, violence and flooding (this is done by the programming not me). As much as possible, I don't want to intervene.




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About Make Telegram Great Again

Believer of #MTGA. Community Builder, Writer and Destroyer of Cyberbullies & Cyber-espionage. Liberator of people living under Tele-oppression. Promoter of entrepreneurs and business model builder. Ex-investment banking analyst, Champion case winner.

It all started when I stepped into the "Wellness Centre".... Long story... But read the part that really matters on this page and what this is about.

This movement was really started by Cherie Paw Prints read her blog although she actually admits to making some mistakes in the next post. But she is still right about one thing. These people are BULLIES and they did the same to me! Read the posts to learn more.

Here is the page for all who support the creation of a free Telegram and for you to support me in building this vision where there is always a place for you to promote yourself and to do what you need to do. Primarily for patients and people doing personal investment. Why a group for patients? Read my other paused Patreon account about the book I have stopped writing because of these despots. As for investments, it is because I happen to be from the finance field and would like to create something I want to use :) and in doing so, sharing it with everybody. I have no intention of banning anybody permanently, with exception of "heinous crimes" which currently are: (1) development of spyware by foreign agents, (2) despotic rule (e.g. banishment), (3) Suppression of entrepreneurship + Current telegram rules of anti-terrorism, violence, crime and pornography proliferation (this is particular one controversial and will be discussed as I disagree with Pavel's stand on this).

Here's to those who believe in the Make Telegram Great Again movement to create two good groups for the people, funded by the people.

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