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is creating content on how to save money on boat repairs and upgrades

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Welcome to our corner of the boating and sailing world!

By becoming a Patron you will help us maintain our gear that allows us to bring content directly to you. We decided early on that the Patrons support will go directly to what we use to "make it all happen" and not on boat repairs or upgrades. The idea for us is we DIY quality boat repairs and upgrades and save money by doing it, we show you how we do it so you can do the same! It would go against our standards and not really make any sense if we used Patron support for repairs or upgrades, if we did, then we would be a channel about how to use Patron money for boat repairs and upgrades...and that isn't us!

We, as you know, recently started our journey of sharing how we own a 40 foot boat on a tight budget. To tell you the truth we have done it by barrowing the main camera, lens, microphone, and lights we use from one of our kids, and are using an old model of a GoPro we have had for years. We use our phones for voice overs when we need to. Our tripod has more history than a 1974 Buick, and we searched all around for old SD cards we could erase and reuse. And you know what? We are excited to get rolling by any means we can, we don't need fancy just things that work and help us put out content!

We appreciate any level of support you give us.

Life is a journey!

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