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Hey! Look like you decided to support me on this journey, Thanks you! I’ll do my best to turn your money into some great content!


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Thank you for visiting my patreon page, I’m Mack’'U! A guy who discovered adult games by searching for some ecchi long ago (Best discovery of my childhood!) And now that I grew up and have some time before needing to go job hunt I wanted make something, I've grown a passion for drawing and writing over the years and so I decided to start making my own adult game called Pathetic Demon! After all, It feels like a good experience to develop raw skills in both writting and drawing. And so, that's how Pathetic Demon was born. 

Why is the payment set to "Per Major Update" instead of "Per month"?
I'm actually working on this game alone and since I don't want to make people pay for updates with little content I decided to go for this option. That way if I need more than one month to release enough content I can do it (note that I will never do more than 1 major update per month.)

What is “Pathetic Demon”?
Pathetic Demon is a battle fuck RPG, but what is a battle fuck RPG?
Remember those turn-based RPG where you fight monsters? Well, it’s the same but this time you don’t mess with monsters but have your way with girls instead!
So instead of fighting skills, you unlock sexual skills and the winner isn’t the one who kill the other but the one who pleases the other the most. (Sound like a less risky and more pleasurable adventure if you want my opinion!)

What is the story about?
The story takes place in a unique university with its own economy.
You can sell and buy any kind of service; paying someone to do your homework, paying someone to shut up, or even paying to have sex with!  Everything goes as long as both parties agree!
What about the hero? The story starts as our hero (the ex-leader of the top group) just got expelled from the said school for being falsely accused of raping a girl, but luckily he meets a demon that offers him a new identity. in exchange for it he needs to develop the demon's power and for that... he needs to have sex with as many girls as possible!

Thank you and have fun!

$290.70 of $1,400 per Major Update
For now, my only goal is to be able to live from doing this and be able to fully focus on games without needing a side-job.

Since I live in Europe I should be able to do it with this amount taking the US to euro conversion.

But I will work as hard as I can on the game no matter what so let's do our best together!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts

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