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I'd Buy That For A Dollar
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What do you expect to get for a dollar these days? That's not even enough for a coffee. What's wrong with you people? For like $4 more you actually get something awesome. I'll give you a little shoutout and a thank you though!

Includes Discord rewards
The Macron Show
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This gives you access to AT LEAST 2 secret shows per week that will not be available to anyone else. These will be shorter than the main show that will happen every Monday but will still be 1-2 hours long.

Includes Discord rewards
Your Name In Lights
per month

Gets you all the benefits of the cheaper tiers but now you get your name in lights on all the supporter only shows! That's right, on at least 2 shows per week your name will be displayed on the screen for everyone to admire what a massive show off you are! Look down upon all those other hobos and laugh at your superiority. You did it champ!

Includes Discord rewards



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Mondays With Macron: Every Monday at 8pm UK time, with at least 2 bonus shows every week for supporters!

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