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This is the highest donation amount I am willing to recieve. It will stay this way tell I feel I am deserving enough as a content creator, and that the entertainment I give is worthy. Those gracious enough to support me will recieve a shout out on both my Twitch & YouTube channels. Thank you... From the bottom of my heart.




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Hey everyone this page is for those who wish to help out my channels on Twitch and YouTube, I want you to know that you DO NOT HAVE TO DONATE. I've been through rough times myself and I know how much it sucks to be left out of exclusive content made by people I really enjoyed. If you do decide to, I am eternally grateful and could never thank you enough.
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If by a merical, I get five or patreon supporters... I will do a 24 hour live stream of games you guys want to see. On top of that I will open up my discord to the public and community, and give Patreon supporters exclusive chat rooms to join and possibly play games with me during streams and videos.
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