is creating comics about her amazing pet crows


Hi, everyone! I'm Magi Chao.
I have two pet crows(rooks), and they are amazing. They fill my life full of love and joy. I want to share our journey with others by drawing some comics and illustrations about them. I hope you could help us to do so.
There will be no violence, no nudity or other mature content.
By as low as 1$ per work, you will become our patron. By OUR, I mean my rooks and me:).
I will share the final works with everyone. As our patron, you will be able to get early access, which means that you could see the latest work a few days earlier than everyone else. I would also like to share some experiences about how to raise birds, some thoughts and some sparks of the crows' life exclusively with you.
It will take 2-8 weeks to finish a work, depends on the complexity and how much time my other jobs take. I will not publish more than 2 comics per month.
Here below are some illustrations I have done already. I may explore different styles in the future. Tell me which is/are your favourites.


My angels - 2019 Digital
我的天使们 - 2019 数码

Valley - 2019 Digital
山谷 - 2019 数码

Good Morning - 2017 Watercolor
早安 - 2017 水彩画

Scarecrow & Crows - 2016 Watercolor
稻草人与乌鸦 - 2016 水彩画

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