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In the two years since she moved to Savannah, Lana Spark has felt disconnected from the world around her. Plagued by memories of her past, she has survived most of high school being a wallflower.

Now in her senior year, her once-buried passions resurface when she discovers that her little sister Audrey is living out their shared childhood fantasy: protecting the world from monsters as a magical girl! Lana transforms to fight alongside her sister and friends, forming a band of heavenly protectors known as 'Angels'. Tasked with defending Earth from the invasion of the Cog Kingdom, the girls will find that being a magical girl isn’t just about living out past passions, but confronting past pains as well.


Lana Spark
The pink Angel who wields the power of lightning, Lucky. Outwardly a positive and energetic girl, Lana uses enthusiasm to mask the anxiety that haunts her. As leader of the Angels, she uses empathy and optimism to inspire those around her, but her hesitations hold her back from showing the same kindness to herself. Even so, she strives to fit the role of her ideal magical girl, something she's dreamed of since she was little.

Gabbi Chen
The blue angel with the power of shapeshifting, Amplifier. Gabbi is a free-spirited trans girl who won’t hesitate to speak her mind. Playful and a loudmouth, Gabbi wants everyone to know she’s the coolest around. She’s cocky and a bit of a knucklehead, always in favor of whatever sounds like the most fun course of action.

Taylor Jamison
The golden angel with the power of mind, Amnesiac. Taylor is a well respected young woman known for being a perfectionist. She has a princess-like aura that exudes elegance and prestige. She has a hard time getting along with others, as she has little tolerance for nonsense. In the heat of action, Taylor is very calculating, always assessing the whole situation before making any decisions.

Audrey Spark
The purple angel with the power of flames, Witch. Audrey is Lana’s little sister. Most of the time, Audrey is very timid and quiet. But when she does talk, she’ll often surprise others with her sharp wit and perception. Audrey’s still young, but she’s determined to find her own path in life. Her insight comes in handy to make her a reliable member of the angels.

Ray Kaminski
The silver angel with the power of space, Centralia. Ray isn’t very trusting. They prefer to act as a lone wolf instead of going along with others. Their attitude leads them to get combative when interacting with the rest of the angels. Despite their stubbornness, Ray still tries their best to do what they think is right, even if it means having to rely on others.

Project Info

Magic by the Kilowatt, or MagiKilo for short, is a story set in America about five queer magical girls struggling with mental illness. This started as a creative writing project to help with therapy, but thanks to the support and encouragement from so many people, it's become something much larger.

I'm an experienced writer, composer and programmer, and I'm trying to help fund this project to commission art from friends and justify my work on it. I have a history of mental illness and struggle to support myself and my girlfriend, anything you could contribute would help greatly.

If you decide to support this project, you'll receive updates as soon as they're available! As well as access to early builds, early access to any demos, along with a bunch of other miscellaneous perks.

Thank you for reading, and considering supporting MagiKilo!

My goals with this project are
-A racially diverse cast of magical girls set in the United States
-A positive story with lots of LGBTQIA+ representation
-A story about coping with mental illness.
-A story that’s just magical girls facing their worst fears and growing as people and becoming friends and fighting their worst demons together because I need older magical girl stories in my life and the world
$75 of $100 per month
More CGs for the final game!
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