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  • Instant Download of all Jason's songs including both originals and covers in MP3 format.
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Get access to a private Instagram account where Jason streams the entire creation process live each week.
Access to View Lyric Creation real-time via Google Document
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Get access to view a private Google document where Jason writes lyrics each week.  You'll see him creating the song real-time.
Access to Comment on Lyric Creation via Google Document
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Collaborate with Jason each week in the lyric-writing process through a Google Document.  You will be given access to comment real-time while Jason writes the lyrics.
Get Your Name Included in a Weekly Promo Song
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Each week Jason creates two songs.  First, he creates a serious full-length song.  Then he creates a promotional "outro" song.  In this song Jason creatively includes all the names of the people in this tier.
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After being in this tier for 4 weeks, Jason will write and feature a song written about you.




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About Magic Jones

Hi, I'm Jason, and I create original hard rock music every week along with an original music video.  I also share the entire creation process with my patrons through a private Instagram account and Google documents.  And what makes it even better?  It's all done LIVE.  I start streaming when I start creating, and it would be awesome if you joined.

I play all the instruments and produce full studio-quality songs every week.

I've been doing one song each week since March of 2017 (some of these songs have been covers)

What sets me apart is my willingness to share the entire creation process with my fans.  I love connecting with people who love music.

In return for your subscription, I pledge to do my best to share my musical adventures each week in a way that makes you smile from the inside out.

It feels good to give back to the music community that has been a part of me all my life.

Thank you for keeping the music alive.
$27 of $700 per music video
This is my break-even point.  From here onward, I'll be able to support my family on music and studio work.  Thanks for keeping the music alive!
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