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Research into legitimate Magical Science, refining content, and publishing high quality videos is quite the investment!

Building temples and a model of safe, Open Sourced Magic is a greater goal still.

Your support here will enable me to keep the lights on, provide jobs to wonderful humans who care about our mission, and give you and thousands of followers high quality training on a monthly basis.

You're always invited to sign up for the free newsletter at http://magicalgoldenage.com

Energy Work for Your Magical Success

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Every week, I perform many rituals in service to humanity. At this tier, I will include your name in a specific, powerful spell to support your growth as a Magician.

These spells {intentions, prayers} are often supported by Thoth (also known as Hermes), God of Magic and Writing.

(As Gods are all aspects of our higher self / Unity, you will learn how to communicate with Thoth directly in Wizard School and Channeling lessons.)

Wizard Club!

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Limited Edition copy of the world's first legitimate Spellbook.

Every year, the Textbook of Magic will be updated. Annually, you'll get one copy of this book personally signed by me. You'll also get member's-only access to a collection of Magical Research not yet available to the general public.

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About David Solomon

You can do magic. You've always known it was true, and have waited, searched, attempted to find the Truth about Magic.

In over 25 years of spiritual study and practice, of experiencing over 140 miracles firsthand, serving as a channel and energy healer, I have just finished writing Magic is Real: How to Achieve Enlightenment, Manifest Miracles and Make Spirituality Fun Again!

As Patron, you'll receive special training straight from the Atlantean mystery schools I've studied in and have permission to share. You'll learn how to heal traumas, quickly change your thoughts and beliefs, and travel through parallel worlds to reach the ideal life of your dreams.

Magic is a science and an art: It's the process of understanding how the holographic matrix of physical reality is created and maintained - and how your awareness as a divine co-creator can shift the probabilities of what you experience in this world, making your wishes, intentions and spells more successfully manifest.

True Magic is achieved through moments of Unity consciousness, where you and that which you seek to influence are one. I teach a path of spiritual growth, of love, of ascension.

This page is new, and will be under regular development until Magic is Real's global release with the book publication on January 22.

Newsletter, workshop and 1 on 1 training can include areas where David has succeeded repeatedly:

•Rapid healing of wounds
•Connecting with ascended masters and divine beings for education and inspiration
•Affecting the weather
•Knowing past lives
•Manifesting money and job offers
•Generating any emotional state at will
•Strengthening intuition
•Opening the third eye and learning to see energy, auras and nonphysical beings

And many more topics.

No beings who wish to cause harm to others will gain power here; in fact, they are forever bound from harming you without your will.

Many modern spiritual teachers are referenced, so you know good sources to turn to if you want to deepen your studies in specific areas like meditation, intuition and the Law of Attraction.

I make no claims of mastery, and like you, am a fellow student. As always, when pursuing the Truth, it's good to learn from multiple perspectives, and trust the clear intuitive voice of your higher self.

Thank you for your support.

I love you. I believe in you. Now let's do this! :-D

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First print run!
Digital books are easy. Getting a physical Magic Book takes a wee bit of seed planting. Agents and publishers come later ;-)
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