The Magma Team is creating Text Games for Adults only.

In the Crowd

$1 /mo
Unlock exclusive content and join my community of patrons. Thank you! 
  • Access to the news and posts
  • Chat with other Patreons in Discord

Supporter (New)

$2 /mo
You might not be in the ring, but you’re in the stands cheering on your favorite fighter for every match.
This tier gives you:
  • Access to the newest game build
  • Direct ...


$3 /mo
They might be amateur fighters, but their in the ring getting a taste of the woes and victories of the fighting life.

This tier gives you:

  • All the previous rewards


$5 /mo
 They’ve been in the game and know the ropes. These fighters have seen it all when it comes to the fighting life. 

This tier gives you:

  • All the previous rewards...


$10 /mo
This patron has seen more than his share of fighting, and still continues to fight day after day. He will always be remembered.

This tier gives you:  

  • All the p...


$25 /mo
Fight after fight, these patrons come out on top in the arena and use their experience to change the course of the fight game.

This tier gives you:  

  • All the pr...