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About Magnetic West Music

Thank you for finding me here!

This PATREON is for people, like you, who want to help sustain my ability to make MAGNETIC WEST MUSIC happen!

For an overview of how Patreon works in general, they’ve got a great primer HERE to explain how it works. Basically: you give Patreon your credit card # (or paypal) and you’re charged $1 (or more, if you choose) at the end every month to support me and my collaborators in my music projects. Your support also helps me to pay my general costs-of-doing-business (my studio, my collaborators, all of life). Plus you’ll receive things ( music, articles, creative writing, photos, downloads, buttons, more music,  art, gratitude, community, CDs, stickers, etc.) directly from me!

THE VIDEO UP TOP gives you a taste of what I’ve been up to here over the last few years, and why I am looking to this platform to move forward with your support.

One thing to keep in mind as you consider becoming a member of Magnetic West Music is I need your ongoing support, similar to a salary, and Patreon's micropayments are making that possible.

Patreon is a great platform for organizing this concept, including the huge advantage that patrons on a budget (who can only afford $1 per month) don’t have to worry about getting charged too much, whereas people with a lot to give (I am hoping to have a few $100 patrons) are also welcome to support, without expecting huge amounts of time-sinking rewards which drain energy from the artist.I value my $1 patrons as much as my $100. patrons. Every dollar counts.

I have big plans.

Magnetic West Music is what I call a convergence company, which is all about music integration in our media and lifestyle.  Merging music with our lives. I’m hoping to be able to collaborate with a bunch of other artists, work with individuals and businesses to incorporate music into heir lives.I want to open a community performance, education and engagement space.A convergence center. A place where all people can come express themselves. A place that all people of all ages can learn how to incorporate the power of music in their lives.This Patreon is my workshop where everything happens in transparent realtime. My Patrons will get to know me intimately,how I work and how you can be part of this work, because this is, no doubt,important work.Come be a part of these creations, these discussions, this tribe.

I create often - every day, and I will share these creations with you, probably not everyday, but surely every week. I talk about life in music, my creations, my inspirations, my troubles, my process, other people’s work, the music business, how music is a part of our lives and a part of our media. my blogs get sent out to the patrons automatically by email (if you’ve enabled email notifications), and i ask a lot of questions and i ask for a lot of input and feedback. you’re never expected to answer, but i read every comment, because i care a lot about this community and whether it’s working for everybody, so please let me know what you think. You are my people! You make Magnetic West Music. I am listening.

so. whether you’ve been a fan of Kites & Crows, The Meriwethers, Son Ravello, or Magnetic West’s contributions to film/tv music, or you’ve stumbled across my songs or videos online, I would love to invite you to join this community and be a part of what I am doing.

and if you’re already one of my patrons...THANK YOU. I love you and you are making Magnetic West Music possible. I believe that music makes the moment.  So now…

Let’s Do This!!!!

love, Mike

p.s. one more thing: if you're not familiar with me and my music, and want to get a quick overview, come visit me at :

p.p.s. if you’d like more information about How Patreon Works or need help with your Patreon account you can view a ton of resources on Patreon’s support page and contact their support team directly:

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