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About Magnolia: Dragon Born

Magnolia: Dragon Born is a fantasy story about my OC, Kyla Magnolia. Set in the world of Dragolas, Kyla is a student at Dragon Falls, a specialist academy for Huntsmen and Wildlife training. However, it is not as simple as training and learning. A darkness is forming over Dragolas, hybrid and mutated animals are claiming land that they once owned. Whilst the huntsmen train for their inevitable battle against these creatures, Kyla and her fellow animal experts discover the truth behind them. But what happens when Kyla learns a secret dark past and a common link between her and the hybrids?

I set up this patreon as a way to share the story as it’s being written, show off character designs and fan art and eventually raise enough funds so that once this book is complete, I’ll be able to print real life copies of this story to share with you! Of course I will not be making a tier to pay for the story until it is done however I do plan to create small little thank you gifts and exclusive content to those of you who ever so kindly pledge each month!

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