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About Magdalene Visaggio

I make mainstream-audience comics with strong LGBT content and themes. I'm always working to put queer women front and center in my work. 

But comics doesn't pay the bills. Frankly, it barely pays anything. Creator-owned comics generate income unreliably at best. So, in order to remain able to devote time and resources to producing these books, I need support.  

With your help, I can make more awesome queer-ass comics about lesbians in space and whatnot. Because -- honestly -- we can't expect the straights to do it for us. We've gotta be out there making comics and representing ourselves and telling our own stories.

Relevant work includes:

  • Kim & Kim (Black Mask Studios) -- The cult comic about best friend interdimensional bounty hunters, featuring trans and bisexual protagonists. Art by Eva Cabrera and Claudia Aguirre. 
  • Quantum Teens Are Go (Black Mask Studios) -- Teenage sweethearts scavenges old superscience labs so they can build a time machine, featuring trans and LGBTQIA* protagonists. Art by Eryk Donovan and Claudia Aguirre.
  • Sex/Death/Revolution (TBA) - A transgender mage living in modern New York City finds her past keeps changing on her. The culprit? Well, that's a little complicated. Art by Becca Farrow, Kasia Witerscheim, and Harry Saxon. Fall 2018
  • Morning in America (TBA) - It's 1983, and a group of teen girl delinquents are the only ones standing in between a small town and total destruction at the hands of weird-ass monsters. ALSO THEY ARE ADORABLE GAYBIES. Art by Claudia Aguirre. Spring 2019
  • Hexes & Woes. Helen Koslov is a teenage witch with a twist -- and a giant crush on the most popular girl in school. Late 2019

If my stuff doesn't catch your eye, please support other LGBT people working in the comics direct market.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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