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About Mah-Dry-Bread

Hey!  I'm Medraut Stowe, or Mah-Dry-Bread on the internet.  I run a show on YouTube where I make all kinds of videos about Video Games such as Let's Plays, Tips, Guides, Tutorials, Reviews, and Challenges!  I also do casual live streams of video games where I like to goof off with the live chat.  I've been doing a video a day since March 30th 2011!

Every single day (and twice if I have enough footage) I upload a video of me playing a game.  It could be any genre, could be solo or co-op, could be with fans, could be anything!  When I can, I'll crack out the more rare but long running series on the weekends.  Sometimes it's Flash Trash, part of a series where my friend Brandon and I play bad horror flash games and riff on them.  Every once in awhile I'll just pick up a game I'm good at like Payday 2 or Hearts of Iron 4 and just teach people some of what I've learned over the years to help get better.

Outside of YouTube, I try to stream about three or four times a week on for about two to three hours at a time.  Every stream is then uploaded back to my YouTube channel for anyone who couldn't make it.

Basically, I'm a bard.  I put on my performance for free, make the audience a part of the experience, and people can throw money at it if they feel like it.  It's all completely optional, the show will always be free!  There's no shame at all in not paying.  It's your money, you don't owe me anything.  I'm just happy that you like the show!

Until next time, have a nice day!
$408.78 of $500 per month
At this point I'll be able to safely save money each month.  More money means I can start investing into new equipment!  Maybe a tripod and external mic for my phone so I can use it for videos around the apartment!
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