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About Maim

[Maim's Patreon Info]-Updated 10-19-2019

---[Where else to find Maim]---
-[Twitter]- most socially active 
-[NSFW!Twitter]- where I post most of my doodles
-[Tumblr]- basically dead now
-[Main FA]- where I post the "nice" stuff
-[Doodle FA]- where I post everything else
-[]- where I sell image packs and art resources 

[ALL TIERS] Request form
[GREAT TIER $25+] Rewards form
[PERFECT TIER $100+] Rewards form
These are the real forms and they are VIEWABLE without subscribing to my Patreon, but if I get requests from someone who isn't a contributor OR isn't from the correct tier I will delete your them.
Patreon members get verified "roles" in my discord, this gives you access to NSFW channels and requests (and you will KEEP these perks, even if you stop backing the Patreon).
HOWEVER, Discord access is a privilege, not a right. If you're causing trouble in the discord, you will be banned from it.

--[Types of content]--
Fantasy and Furry art, mostly NSFW: dragons, kobolds, werewolves, monsters, that sort of thing. Mostly 2D drawings, sometimes animated.
Content-wise, things are all pretty "safe"/vanilla- no "hard"-kinks but many of the characters are dragons or monsters.

Main updates:
These are either sequential, story based art (like "Dragon Hearts")
OR Stand-alone pieces, loosely based on stuff from the request doc (or sometimes I clean up a popular sketch/doodle)
Quality for these updates will be high-resolution "fully-rendered" pieces with backgrounds, 2 comic pages OR a color animation.
Doodle-animation updates: (requires patreon to hit $600 again) Rough, sketchy animations. Usually between 10 and 40 frames
$5 Bonus "Artist's Choice" updates: A little rougher and about half the resolution of a "Main" update. Sometimes these will also be doodle-animations or rough comic pages. Not always NSFW. content: is where I post image packs for finished sets, but I also post lineart and stuff here. $5+ patrons will get copies of all that stuff.
Other stuff: Full resolution of some non-Patreon personal arts (including fan-arts, as these bonuses are in no way funded by Patreon)
Exclusivity: Anything funded by Patreon will be "pay-walled" for at least 2 months. This means it will be exclusive to Patreon and - after 2 months a low resolution "web version" will become publicly available.
Most of the art in sketch/"request" dumps will never be posted outside of Patreon.

DRAGON HEARTS: On hiatus until Patreon is up to $800 OR I've fully cleared out my owed work queue.
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