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Welcome to Majesti's Court

$1 /mo
A little can go a long way! I appreciate it & you'll get access to my patron-only feed! 

From progress to behind-the-scenes!

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Majesti's Baron/Baroness

$5 /mo
An official welcome to court!
You'll help me pick out next cosplay plans as well as put in your opinion with designs! Wallpapers will be available for download as well!


Majesti's Count/Countess

$10 /mo
Postcards!! Yes I will be sending out postcards! I can't guarantee it'll be every month but I'll try my best!

Discord!? I love being able to answer questions and talk to you guys! So here y...


Majesti's Duke/Dutchess

$20 /mo
My wonderful Dukes and Duchesses~ 

In addition to all the other tier rewards you passed to get here, you'll get more!

One-of-a-kind Polaroids with personal message...


Majesti's Grand Prince/Princesses

$50 /mo
 Better than just a regular prince or princess, this is the grand category! 

If you wanted more interaction and prints from me, this is where you'll get them! With more funds I'll be...