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If you already know what I'm all about and you just want to know how to make a donation, simply click on the 'BECOME A PATRON' button directly above and follow the prompts. Thank you so much! :)

For everybody else and for anyone who wants more information about Major Slack and what real walkthrough videos are all about, please read the following....


Yo! My name is Major Slack and I've been making video game walkthroughs on Youtube for over 10 years. I made my first walkthrough in June 2009 and my agenda then was -and still is- to create REAL walkthroughs. A REAL walkthrough is a walkthrough where someone actually knows how to play a video game well and practices and studies a game A LOT before uploading videos. This creates a genuine game guide that helps you play a video game better and achieve a quality video gaming experience. This is what I do.

Watching my real walkthrough videos will also help you clearly decide whether a video game is worth buying or not because I take the time to fully explore and demonstrate a video game's mechanics and gameplay. I am dedicated to providing an upscale alternative to all the other gaming videos which are simply recordings of people bumbling and stumbling through a video game for the first time. These are NOT walkthroughs. These are more correctly called 'blind playthroughs'.


Question: Why are screaming low-quality no-talent blind playthroughers so popular on Youtube and hard working REAL walkthroughers like myself so few and far between and getting very little viewers and subscribers?

The answer is a BIG SECRET hiding in plain sight.


That's it, that's all.

It's that simple. Blind playthroughs require very little effort and have practically zero production value. Any gamer can install some recording software, boot up a video game for the first time, press record and start playing the game while screaming inanities into a microphone. With a format that easy to create, it's a small wonder why Youtube is OVERLOADED with blind playthroughers.

Moreover, all these blind playthroughers use the same spammy bait-and-switch tactic and incorrectly title all their blind playthrough videos as 'walkthroughs'. Why? TO GET MORE VIEWS. People see 'walkthrough' in the video title, click on the link and watch these blind playthrough videos thinking that someone who knows how to play that game is going 'walk them through' the game. It's that simple.


Another big part of the blind-playthrough-masquerading-as-a-walkthrough formula is to spam out as many videos as possible within approximately the first two weeks after a video game is newly released. People always want to see something new on Youtube and a very easy way to compensate for low production value and a lack of originality in blind playthroughs and GET A TON OF VIEWS is to ride a steady wave of newly released video games.

This is why you often see blind playthroughers abandoning their playthroughs and/or rushing through them leaving lots of gaps in the gameplay and quickly moving on to something else. The reason is, another new big game was released before they could finish the playthrough of the game they were working on. Most of the time there is no explanation or apology. They simply pull up stakes and move on to the next big thing. Rinse and repeat ad nauseam.

You would never get away with a huge volume of low quality half-baked crapola like this in any other medium. Even in video game mediums. Can you imagine an official game guide that you paid good money for turning out to be simply a play-by-play documentation of someone's first time playing a video game including all their mistakes, bumblings and stumblings? And on top of all that, they didn't even finish it? You'd be asking for a refund in a New York minute!!


These spammy shenanigans have been going on for so long on Youtube that many are starting to lose their understanding of what a video game walkthrough really is. This growing confusion about what a walkthrough really is has led to some ridiculous scenarios where people have accused me of not doing real walkthroughs simply because I put commentary in my videos. They erroneously think that's what defines a real walkthrough. No-commentary = real walkthrough. Commentary = Let's Play OR Playthrough (??) I am honestly appalled by this ignorance but after remaining dedicated to the REAL walkthrough format for 10 years, I guess I'm not that surprised.

When I first started making real walkthroughs back in June 2009 (Far Cry 2), after some initial success, I naively thought I was starting a new trend where more and more Youtube gaming creators would turn to the real walkthrough format and eventually low quality blind playthroughs would phase out and real walkthroughs would become the new norm...(LOL).

Little did I know... (face palm).


Now it's 2020 and it's the same as it ever was. Blind playthroughs still make up 99% of Youtube gaming videos and they are still all erroneously touted as 'walkthroughs' and the massive bait-and-switch goes on. In many instances these fake walkthroughs are doing those video games a big disservice by poorly representing the game.

I can't tell you how many times viewers have thanked me for changing their mind about not buying a game they thought was crap after watching a bunch of blind playthroughs. They finally find my real walkthrough of the game, watch a few videos and go, "Oh wow, there is a lot more to this game than I thought. This is actually a really fun game. I'm going to buy it. Thank you, Major Slack!" I've seen comments like this many, many times.


Now that you're up to speed on the Youtube video game walkthrough scene, let's get down to brass tacks. With all the practice and study I put into the games I play, I have to work a whopping 70 hours a week to create my real walkthroughs on Youtube in order to remain competitive with everything I just explained above. And with what I earn from Youtube ad revenue, this actually amounts to an hourly rate that is LESS than minimum wage. Much less, truth be told.

The bottom line is, I cannot spam out an entire REAL walkthrough of a video game within the first two weeks of a game's release and then quickly move on to another game. It's just not humanly possible. That means I'm constantly missing or going well past the big-money two-week window right after a game is newly released where you can get a ton of views spamming out as many videos as possible. Small wonder very few others want to commit to the real walkthrough format on Youtube.

Now you may be wondering, if I could do it all over again, would I have gone for the spammy-blind-playthroughs-of-new-releases format in order to make a lot more money on Youtube? And the truth is, I don't think I would. Knowing everything that I know now, I think I would still go for the real walkthrough format.


Because I want to keep it real. And the reality is I'm a hardcore gamer that has been gaming ever since video games were invented (literally) and I simply do not plow through a couple dozen video games each and every year. I'm lucky if I play six video games a year. I'm the kind of gamer that really digs into the games he likes. I replay them countless times and really get to know every aspect of the game. This is the kind of gaming I truly enjoy.

And so yes, gaming like this involves a big cut in pay on Youtube but it's something I truly enjoy doing and I can take pride in the content I produce. And I can sleep at night. :)


Now this is where you come in. If you enjoy my videos and the real walkthrough format, I'm kindly asking you to MAKE A DONATION. This will help compensate for the fact that I have to give up the opportunity to get many more viewers (and hence a much bigger paycheck from ad revenue) by going the spammy blind playthrough route.

You can donate as little as 1$ a month. More would be great but any and all donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. To make a donation, simply click on the 'BECOME A PATRON' button on the right side at the top of the page.

Thanks reading, thanks for watching my videos and thanks for your support! :)

~ M4]0r 514cK

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