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Who am I?
Im Makari and for more than a decade now I have been creating Animations, Illustrations, youtube/Twitch content for the masses. Iv made this my job to bring the content you all want to see weather that's smutty comics, funny skits or community streams. I'm just a guy that likes to keep people amused and offer services of Art and Entertainment.

What are we doing here?
This Patreon is a Tipping Service and a hub for those who wish to support my work to gain exclusive benefits that can give them behind the scenes looks at my work, early access and Exclusive not to be released to the public projects as well as Comissioning me for your own needs.
THIS IS NOT A PAY WALL! im not one of "THOSE" type of artists .... I still publish most of my work publicly, patreons just get early access <3

Becoming a patreon will offer you:
  • .Behind the scenes look at my work
  • .First access to all my content
  • .WIP's That never see the light of day
  • .Polls to vote on the art I do
  • .Patreon Exclusive comics where you become the cast
  • .Exclusive access to the high res version of my art
  • .The ability to comission me through the Tier rewards
  • .The knowladge your helping me do what I do for a living.

So why not become a patreon and get all these things and more!
Find me here:

Community Discord

Disclaimer 1: I will not offer refunds for pledges that have been transacted unless special circumstances arise. so make sure you calculate weather you can afford your pledge!

Disclaimer 2: All  Illustration Tier rewards are allowed one alteration having confirmed the sketch. Additional changes will incur an additional charge.

Disclaimer 3: You must submit your Tier reward idea by the 25th of the month by replying to the patreon mail sent on the 5th of that month or by mailing me with your idea after pledge, or risk not getting that months Illustration

100% complete
Make a world for Makari
At this goal i will be able to support my self full time.

More time for art = more content, comics and the like
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