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This tier is for people who want to 'hangout' with us once a week, chat and learn Chinese. The Hangout will be hosted by us on Google Hangouts (video call). 

We will host Google Hangout chats with members of this tier and above (including Chimpanzee tier).  The limit for a Hangout is 9 people + the host a session. We will hold multiple sessions. 

We want everyone to be able to speak with each other in Chinese/Chinglish to help improve your skills. The session is scheduled for up to 2 hours. 

We will prepare various discussion topics for each session (but if the conversation digresses, it's ok, and all about having fun, using Chinese and hanging out)

If you don't want to join the Hangouts but DO want to support us at $10, you can join the Chimpanzee tier and won't be put on the hangout list. :D 

Silver Back

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All of the above &

  • Every month, a video or Podcast of your choice. 
  •  Whatsapp Group Access 
  • Be ON the podcast
  • 2 x Privates a month
  •  Podcast Vocabulary Transcripts 

Just The Private Lessons

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4x Private lessons per month. 

We will be working from a curriculum and will need to send you the book. Or if you can source it locally that works too. :) 

You also get access to the Patron only content etc. Just not the Hangouts. :( 



About Mandarin Monkey

In early 2016 we decided to start a YouTube channel. We wanted ( and still want) to help people start to learn Mandarin Chinese as we think it's a beautiful language, we enjoy teaching and being creative. We didn't have any particular goal in mind.  Somewhere along the line we decided that we would love to do this full time. This is where you guys come in. 

If you like what we are doing and would consider paying some strangers over the internet the equivalent of a pào miàn (instant noodles), we would very much appreciate it.

What also costs $2- $5? 

What we will do with your money:

- Currently we have two jobs: Mandarin Monkey and our "real" jobs. By supporting us on Patreon you give us the opportunity to focus more on YouTube and all the other materials we provide. So put simply, you make our lives much easier and take stress away so we can do better and more work, for free, for you. 

- We can invest more time in content: and in doing so help you further your ability by providing new and interesting ways of getting Mandarin stuck in your brain. 

Thank you so much for all your support! It means the world and really helps us out! 
100 - reached! patrons
If you feel we have brought you value during your learning journey. Please consider joining us and getting access to the Patron only content.
  • Acess to the WhatsApp group
  • Private Lessons
  • Group Hangouts every week
  • Ebooks, Transcripts, Anki Decks and more await you. 
But of course, you are completely free not to, and just enjoy the free content on YouTube and podcast on Itunes etc. 
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