Maxime Mangel

is creating OSS softwares for Fable & F#

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About Maxime Mangel

Hello 👋,

For more than six years, I have been an open source maintainer for Fable and the F# ecosystem.

The goal of this patreon is to make my work sustainable and help your project have a more solid foundation.

If my work helps you or your company, please support me.


  • Thoth.Json: makes your JSON type safe and generates human friendly errors in case of errors
  • Fulma: wrapper on top of Bulma CSS framework providing a type safe API so you don't have to worry about typos anymore
  • Fable.Form: makes working with form in Elmish easy and scalable
  • Elmish HMR: make Elmish application support Hot Reload allowing you to make modification on the fly to your application
  • List of all the projects I help maintain

Core maintainer

I am a core maintainer of both Fable and Elmish
  • I provide support via the issues and Fable Gitter
  • Give feedback on the development 
  • Keep the different libraries up-to-date

F# tooling contributor

I also contribute to F# tooling, especially around VSCode extensions like Ionide and FSharp-language-server

My most significant contributions are:

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