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About Michael Angelo

Hey guys my name is Michael Angelo😃😁....welcome to my Patreon! I love anime, gaming, superhero movies and all sorts of nerdy stuff🤓....I do reaction videos to upcoming video games mostly, as well as streaming the latest video games on YouTube. I love interacting with each and everyone of you, whether it be here on Patreon, in the comment section on YouTube or the chat of my streams because it shows me that there are actually people out there who enjoy the content I make and I consider that a blessing😁....I would like to continue making even more amazing content for you guys hence the reason I've started this Patreon Page. It would really mean a lot to me if you guys could donate and help me keep making awesome content for you guys like the video down below🙏🏾...I love you all and want to give you the best quality content always so any donation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me up and till this point and to any newcomers welcome to the crew we appreciate you joining us on this awesome adventure. Thank you all once again be safe and take care of each other.🤗

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When I reach 500 patrons I will upgrade my equipment and upload better quality videos twice a day as well as expand my content variety and audience.
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