Maya Addison Ramirez Stringer is creating Animation, Comics, Visual Art


$1 /mo
access to my extra blog witch is hidden on Tumblr. I post random sketches, abandoned projects, and sometimes old gifs.


$5 /mo
A Traditional or Digital Sketch of your character or of a Pokemon, or even of one of my characters. Or hey maybe of a character from another fandom. I love sketches, so they might be shared too. 

Simple Digital

$5 /mo
A Simple Digital Drawing with no or limited shading and no background. Transparency can be on or off but will be on by default.  

Prismacolor Character Drawing

$15 /mo
Traditional prismacolor character drawing, It will likely be in prismacolor pencil or if get more, in prismacolor pro markers. 

GIF Animation

$30 /mo
A short and simple gif to express your personality  free for you to use anywhere.