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Hello and Welcome to my Patreon page.

This channel is dedicated to anyone that’s just starting out with content creation or anyone else that would want to be part of the content creation process of my blog, Manipulative Spirit. This is where it’s all happening before it goes viral.

I have a strict schedule I live by and frequently update to adapt to the challenges I face on the journey to producing great and valuable content.

The work I post here is, not just for me to stay on track but, for you to see that things are actually happening. Have a look at my work, look at the progress I’ve made and if you like where things are going please consider becoming my Patron.

In fact, PLEASE become my Patron, I would LOVE!!! to do this on a full-time basis.

Why use Patreon?

For those who don’t know. The traditional way of making an income online is (at least this is my perspective of getting a PASSIVE income): get as many followers on your blog as possible and persuade them to buy your product or service.

In most cases people hoped for the 0,03% chance that someone will accidentally click one of their adds (paying per click). This option is used by many web developers and bloggers to generate an income online.

Yes, now a day's there are a zillion ways to make money online but few cater for the average creator that dreams of creating content of value, not just for ourselves (inner growth baby!), but for the benefit of anyone that can relate to the work.

Since the traditional method of making a passive income online is failing, especially since the start of add-blocker, I find it quite logical to use Patreon.

Patreon allows for creators to get paid by people that are actually interested in supporting someone's creation and in doing so voting for something that they think the world needs more of.

So, what am I working on?

Manipulative Spirit is a spiritual blog that shares personal stories, experiences, and insights about how some of us manipulate ourselves (like I most often do). Sure, each of us has our own Truth but to what extent is that Truth creating your life for the better? To what extent are you following through with action?

If you’re still doing the same things in life but your newly “upgraded” ideology or life perspective is not visible via your actions the chances are great that you are probably dealing with inner conflict and is possibly, on some level, manipulating yourself.

In this blog, I aim to shed light on this part of myself by taking the very actions need to achieve a particular result or the life I (we) envisioned for ourselves. 

My blog’s intention

When I came up with a blog name all I knew is that I wanted to create something of value. Something that can be shared with the intention, not to trick someone into giving me money, but to get you to think deeper about what action really means.

I asked myself: "If I could help this planet, how would I do it?" Then I realized, how can I help a PLANET! if I can’t even help myself? So, I asked myself: “How can I help myself?” and the answer was: “I wish I could start finishing the stuff I say I would do and stop manipulating myself from not doing the things I really KNOW I’d love to get done. And that’s how it started.

Without further ado, this is my process, my evidence of actions taken place towards making a change within me and hopefully within you.

Thank you for reading and hopefully we get the chance to work together in the near future.

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