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About Manufacturing Intellect

What is Manufacturing Intellect?
Thank you for visiting the Manufacturing Intellect Patreon page! The primary focus of our YouTube channel is to rescue and preserve the greatest intellectual voices and bring them to you. I do this by assiduously searching for rare and unavailable video and audio, restoring video quality through denoising and deartifacting, upscaling to 4K, color correction, and careful sharpening, and meticulously repairing and conforming audio to the greatest listening quality.

My quest to preserve rare content takes me to various public, private and university libraries, thrift stores, used video, music and book stores, and into databases and archives all over the net. I even once drove 600 miles round-trip to obtain a rare video art piece only available at one library in my state. So far, I've uploaded nearly 1,000 videos and counting!

How Your Support Helps
I'm asking for your support to offset the costs of purchasing audio and video, archival database subscription fees, travel for rare out-of-town material, monthly video and audio editing software expenses, and perhaps enough support to afford better restoration software and computer hardware to more quickly and efficiently upload content (a thirty minute video sometimes requires eight or more hours of processing due to heavy effects).

Thank you!
Everyone's support in comments and private messages has sustained my enthusiasm to curate the highest quality content over these last years and I couldn't be more grateful.
Thank you for watching. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Thank you for support.

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