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About Many Peoples, One Nation

Many Peoples, One Nation is a social-political movement formed to help create a new vision of what it means to be an American. 

We can build an American society that gives a fair economic chance to everyone, a society with both liberty and peace in our own land. A renewed America can give desperately needed leadership to the West and to the world. Humanity can not only survive, but thrive.
This is no utopian fantasy. It requires that we see our challenges for what they are, do the hard work of rebuilding ourselves, and recommit to the values that made America a powerhouse in the latter half of the twentieth century: fairness, compassion, innovation, and the opportunity to work.

It also means going beyond what America was in the twentieth century—which, we must admit, saw immense injustices committed in the names of racism, sexism, and other biases.

So, achieving the vision laid out here starts with achieving a new sense of what it means to be an American. Hence the name of this movement: Many Peoples, One Nation. This is the America that can renew itself and lead the world.
Our program, which includes the following, in part:

  1. Get money out of American politics immediately--by Constitutional amendment, if necessary. Make it a felony for any corporation to offer any election fund contribution or any gift to a Federal office holder or candidate in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches, or to any PAC. Ban gifts from individuals altogether, and limit individuals’ contributions to either a candidate or all PACs combined to very modest limits.
  2. Fund social programs in a fair and responsible manner. Repeal the Bush- and Trump-era tax cuts for wealthy individuals. Tax investment income like salary. Place higher taxes on very high incomes (although we would lower taxes on the middle and working classes). Rein in defense spending and overall waste in government spending. Reduce the amount of exempted income in the estate tax to $3 million (from $11.8 million), and increase the tax on amounts in excess of that limit to 50% (from 40%).
  3. Institute advanced social and wage programs to make America truly great. Institute the following: advanced and expanded Medicare for all; free public college or trade school for all; a Federal jobs guarantee; a liveable minimum wage. Return funds raided from the Social Security fund by previous Congressional actions.
  4. Support America’s true allies and thwart America’s real opponents. Strengthen American support for NATO and the United Nations (although we would encourage other member nations to do the same). Form a strong equivalent of NATO for the U.S. and other nations bordering the Pacific Ocean, to contain totalitarian ambitions in that area. Pursue a foreign policy of strict containment for Russia and China. Increase the salaries of enlisted personnel in the American military. (No military family should need to be on food stamps.) End the counterproductive tariffs and trade wars begun in the Trump era.
  5. Regulate capitalism. We do not support a transition to economic socialism. However, we do recognize that capitalism requires regulation so that the profit motive does not overwhelm the pressing need to be socially responsible. Hence: Re-institute the environmental and workplace regulations undone under Trump, and strengthen them. Reinstate the Dodd-Frank regulations on the financial industry, which require banks to limit their risk. Extend financial regulations to cover blockchain currencies (‘cryptocurrencies’) and other financial instruments and investments that are currently poorly regulated. Reinstate the Glass-Steagall regulations, which separated commercial banking from gambling on investments.
  6. Make the United States an advanced nation in the 21st century. Reform primary and secondary education so that it focuses on actual education rather than teaching-to-the-test. Emphasize scientific research and fact in relation to education and discussions of climate change. Put Federal resources into the development and widespread implementation of renewable energy, including fusion. Convert to 80% renewable energy throughout the United States by 2030, and 100% by 2040. Establish a systematic approach to not only space exploration, but colonization of the Moon and Mars over the next 20 years.
  7. Protect the United States from major dangers in the 21st century. Resume U.S. participation in the Paris Climate Accords. Strictly regulate research into genetic manipulation. (For example, ban private development of disease-producing organisms.) Put greater Federal resources into the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, especially to prevent and alleviate pandemics. Establish programs to mitigate the effects of climate change on coastal locations.
  8. Promote a major educational initiative against racism, racial supremacy, ethnic bias, sexism, gender bias, and religious prejudice. Make this an important element of primary and secondary education. Instill in our population the vision that America is one nation, composed of many peoples--and many different types of people.
We invite you to visit our website at and view our Principles, Values, Process, and Program in detail--and learn what you can do to help advance all of this.

Promoting this kind of program requires money--for the website and the podcast, and to provide time to write books and conduct activities to support this movement. 

Please contribute what you can through this Patron monthly-subscription campaign. The time to craft the American future is definitely now.

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