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As you probably already know from the fact that you are here, I am the writer for the online web-novel series “Maou the Yuusha”. For those of you who are new, I’m happy to have you here and would be honored if you would read my series. Even though I’m a writer I’m pretty bad with words when it comes to people, but please stick with me. Currently I’m writing during my free time and doing my best to meet the deadline that I set for myself. My writing environment is poor, and due to life circumstances there are lots of times when I have very little time to write. Originally I had planned to write several series simultaneously in order to better myself as a light novel writer, and continue the ones that people liked. I have grown very fond of “Maou the Yuusha” though, and I want to see it grow. What I want to do is devote enough of my time to “Maou the Yuusha” that I won’t have to sacrifice it’s quality in order to expand my skills and possibly write new series. That is why I am hoping for your support.

Any money funded to me through this will go directly into making the series better. If I can make it to 600 dollars a month through this than I will even be able to write full time in a good environment.

Literally every penny is appreciated, so if you feel like supporting the series but you don’t have much money to spare feel free to put in a single penny each month. It’s the support of every one of you that keeps me writing so don’t underestimate how much even that means to me.

For those of you who are learning about my series first time from this page, I post once a week at If you would like to support me but don't have money to contribute I'm quite happy with you simply turning off your adblocker and reading from my site.
$12.87 of $600 per month
I will devote myself full time to writing content. You can expect a rise in quality, length, and frequency of chapters. Being able to devote all my time to writing will give me the ability to improve my abilities and introduce new series for you all. I will also start adhering to a strict weekly deadline for both "Maou the Yuusha"  and "The forgotten journey" 
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