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Thanks for supporting me! You'll get access to all my patreon entries!
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Thanks for the support! You'll get to play the early access version of the game, as well as join the official discord channels as a VIP and,of course, see your name in the credits!
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In this Tier you get access to the early access game, the discord, your name in the credits and a small personalised wallpaper :) It'll include your MC, your favorite character(both chibi style), and their names!
  • Everything from the Fan tier
  • A wallpaper with your MC and your favorite character! (chibi, only MC appearances as shown in game)
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About Maple Games Studios

Hello everyone!
I'm an independant game developper! 
I'm currently working on my first long game,called Royal Wedding Quest.
It's an amare game, or a romance game aimed at ladies :)

Patreons will get early access, as well as exclusive colored illustrations, some tutorials on how I work, and otome game developpment related articles at least a week before I make them available to others! Getting the game in early access means you will get to enjoy the latest version of it while others will have to wait for the next update!

All this coupled with a few polls and general discussions on the progress on my game or the direction it should take.

$24.41 of $200 per month
With this I would be able to hire people to help me with aspects of the game; Talented artists for better music or backgrounds, or an editor to help with my English skills faster. Ideally, I'd also be able to find someone who'd help me with translating it to more languages to spread the word.
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