is creating Livestreams with Derps, Giggles & Penguin Wiggles!

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Little Blue Penguin

per month
To some, $3 doesn't seem like a lot. For me, it makes a big difference! ♥


♥ Twitter Shoutout!
♥ Special greeting in my Twitch chat! (Link your Twitch account in your Discord User settings > Connections)
♥ Penguin Patron Role & Access to private chats on Discord

Includes Discord benefits

Macaroni Penguin

per month
This tier equals to a Twitch Subscription! By pledging $5, you become an official Minecraft Supporter Penguin, enabling me to continue providing content and a Minecraft server for you to play on!


♥ Access to my Minecraft Sub/Patron server, DerpCraft*
♥ Monthly Sub Hangout, playing games with me!
+ all lower tier rewards

*DerpCraft is a private vanilla server, running on the JAVA PC Minecraft version.  It is not compatible with the Bedrock version of Minecraft.  Server access will be given to Patrons who are regulars in Mara's community (a minimum of 20 hours of active watch time on streams and/or after gaining Mara's trust). New Patrons will be whitelisted at the beginning of the following month of the first pledge. Monthly pledging is required to stay on the server. Supporters who do not follow the rules will be removed regardless of pledges.

Adélie Penguin

per month

♥ Hand-Written & crafted Postcards 2-3 times/year
+ all lower tier rewards




per month

About MaraLetsPlay

Hello everyone!

I'm Mara, a lady gamer with a passion for sharing my games with others. I make family friendly gaming content on Twitch and Youtube.

I became a gamer early on, playing console games as a child but wasn't able to continue gaming as a hobby growing up due to having no equipment or friends who shared my interest in games. I was fortunate to get back to gaming years later and was finally able to share my passion and interest with so many others in the online gaming community.

My biggest motivation to continue producing gaming content is the community. If I can bring joy to others and perhaps inspire them to play and enjoy games, to me that's the greatest part of being a gamer, and what helps me continue to do what I do. It brings me so much joy to hear that I've made someone's day better by just being there for them through my content.

I'm on Patreon so that you guys, the community, can have a chance to support me and my work if you so choose. It means so much to me to see, that by becoming a Patron you want to make a commitment to support my work and that you believe in me and what I do. With your support I'm able to cover monthly fees (internet), update my channel with new channel art, buy new games and share more adventures, upgrade hardware and software for my PC and get any necessary devides for playing and recording.

No matter if you choose to become a Patron or not, thank you for stopping by and checking out my Patreon page!

I will reserve the right to update the rewards and goals in the way that is best for me and for my community. 
$51.61 of $100 per month
Reaching this goal will help me cover monthly expenses, such as internet fees and server payments.
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