Maranda Cromwell is creating Weird Animal Art!

Helper Pup

$2 /mo
At this level, you cute lil' pups get access to the Patreon Blog, displaying exclusive updates and sneak peeks. 

You also get to vote in polls! (What print should I make next, what sticker, etc.) 

Who's a Good Dog?! YOU ARE

$5 /mo
 • Patron-only sketches, WIP shots, and sneak peeks, not seen on any other platform.

• Super-Early Access to all Art Videos! Y'all will get to see my videos a w...


Best Dog (tm)

$10 /mo
All previous tier rewards!

• At every $100 increment of cumulative pledges, you'll receive a gift package with sketches, pri...


Canine Good Citizen

$20 /mo
• All previous tier rewards! 

• Receive a custom pen drawing, refined sketch, or simple painting in the mail every month! This is great if you have a personal c...


Taxidermy War Hero Dog, in a Museum

$50 /mo
• All previous tier rewards! 

• Receive a small original piece in the mail every month! This can be acrylic, watercolor, pastel, or brush pen: full color, refined, ready to fram...