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I started publishing my first pieces of content when I was 11 years old. As a digital marketer, I teach people how to grow their content brands using the web. I love analyzing my niche, reading up, and sharing what I learn with my audience. I wrote 19 books, published 25 training courses, and hosted two virtual summits before turning 20.

I've interviewed over 350 people on Breakthrough Success. 

People were quick to write me off when I was first getting started because of my young age. 

When other people write you off, understand that those are other people. It's only bad if you write yourself off. That's when mediocrity happens. I didn't write myself off and focused on providing value to my audience. I continued refining my craft and people continued engaging with my content and sharing it with their friends. Both of those things still happen, and that's why you're hear on my Patreon Page today.

I enjoy creating videos and podcast episodes and want to keep providing everyone free, valuable content. However, creating free content takes me away from my clients and can get surprisingly expensive. Between my podcasts and YouTube channel, I'm always spending hundreds of dollars each month to continue providing the content I provide. 

Even $1/mo goes a long way in helping me produce more free content and impact more people. I'm continuously thinking of how I can provide you and everyone with more value. Any small contribution will help me continue to realize that goal.
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