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About Marcus Bondi

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Please allow me to introduce myself:  I am Guinness World Record breaker Marcus Bondi.

My No1 aim and passion is to help you achieve total physical and mental happiness using my proven fitness and nutrition techniques that I have tried, tested and developed over 50 years!

My inspirational fitness, strength and mental health videos on YouTube & Instagram & my website have had over 30 million views! I have helped thousands of people all over the world to achieve incredible personal fitness/mental benefits - and that is AWESOME to me! Thank you!

*Fitness - *Weight Loss - *Strength - *Anti-depression - *Motivation - *Inspiration! FOR YOU!
I am keen to create customised instructional and inspirational videos FOR YOU PERSONALLY that will ensure you can become more amazing every day and optimise your life to the max like never before!

I truly love communicating and connecting with people, so they can exceed and excel in their lives and smash through barriers to achieve happiness and peace of mind at every possible level! We are in this together! On the same team! Join me! 

I started this PATREON because I have many requests from wonderful people all over the world to create content that will help them achieve general and specific goals with their lives. With PATREON I will be able to create MORE quality targeted content, faster and help more people live happy lives!

PATRONS can request any type of specific content, to address any physical or mental issue, as well first access to videos and even your name /organisation in the credits if you like...    


Marcus Bondi - Guinness World Record Holder: Fitness & Nutrition Expert

Marcus Bondi is the current Official Guinness World Record holder for 5m Rope Climb & 100kg-Weighted Chin-ups; both records were held by Olympic gymnasts before they were smashed by Marcus.

Marcus Bondi's website, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channel have had over 30 million hits & he has just returned from the World Street Workout Champs in Moscow and World Pull Up World Champs in Oslo.

In the past 12 months Marcus has appeared as a fitness/nutrition expert & Guinness World Record Holder on TV morning shows in Sydney, Tokyo, & Hawaii, as well as on Sunrise 7 (Aust) and Nine News. Marcus is a NINJA WARRIOR and appears annually at the LA and Anaheim Fitness Expos to present on nutrition, health and strength.

Marcus is an ambassador for Fitness First gyms and writes regular fitness/nutrition articles for Ultra Fitness Magazine, Body & Soul and is a 'Dry July' ambassador.

Marcus’ programs and recipes feature in Men's Health (USA & Russia & Aust) & Men's Fitness & global lifestyle media; featuring his training/lifestyle/nutritional philosophies and programs.

At 53 years of age, Marcus lives in Bondi with his wife Emma, and daughters Jasmine and Willow and has been immersed in fitness/health for over 30 years, and is a globally renowned and respected fitness, nutrition and health expert._________