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Being a patron to my art
Hey Folks, my name is Marcus Williams, and I'm a professional illustrator. I draw everyday (for the most part) and make an alright living doing so. If my art in any way, shape, or form connects with you, this is a way to show your art appreciation directly to me. What good is it to be an artist that doesn't know the people he/she is touching with their work? A magician without an audience I'd say. You are in no way obligated of course, and your support is 100% appreciated! 


I Draw Characters and Comics
I focus on character art and comic art mostly so you'll find tons of art featuring such things.


Original+Fan Art Galore

There's a ocean of ideas and concepts that are swimming around in my mind at all times, and Patreon is a way to begin giving those ideas legs. As a single father of two, I support myself with my craft full time, ever moving forward to grow as a creative mind. Any support is immensely appreciated.


I truly love creating unique concepts and illustration, and I want to share those images with as many folks that appreciate my work as possible.

Thank you all for being awesome! Peace.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 56 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 56 exclusive posts

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