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About me
My name is Marek Rudowski and I am a video game creator (and an illustrator, comic book creator and chemist). I have been interested in video games since childhood. It all began when my brother and I received our first computer, Atari 65XL. Thirty years and many, many game platforms later, I'm still playing and enjoying every moment. For a long time, my favorite genre of games was classic point & click adventure games. In the era of their splendor I completed or at least played most of them. I love the way they present their story, create worlds and characters. To this day, they are a source of great inspiration to me. Creating video games has always been my passion, and for over 8 years it has also been my profession (I work as a graphic designer on the MMORPG - Broken Ranks).

About Trader of Stories
Trader of Stories is my own passion project, created from the needs of the heart. It is an adventure game playable for free via a web browser, tablet or mobile. The game takes place in a fantastic world, created around a huge oak. The main character of the game is a woman named Myosotis, who is a story trader. Not knowing her own past, she buys the stories of others, hoping to find a part of herself in one of them. During the game, we follow her actions over many years, traveling through numerous lands. Sharing the heroine's personal dramas, we also witness events that change the face of the whole world.

Short history of the series
The first game about the Trader of Stories was a demo made by me in the Wintermute Engine. It was my first attempt in making adventure games and it shows. But the demo was noticed by Pastel Games and, in cooparation with them, I created my second game: Bell’s Heart, being a short side story about the trader of stories. I liked the changed format and decided to try, together with my brother, to tell the story of Myosotis in an episodic fashion, and that is how A Grain of Truth was born, my third game.
The flaw of this idea was that it was based on the story written for the demo, which in turn was based on a side story for a comicbook I’ve written during my studies (long, long time ago). The story was unfinished and left much to be desired so working my ways through various ideas I decided that Myosotis deserved her own, fully developed tale. I worked hard on it and the results You can see in the form of my fourth game, entitled Trader of Stories - chapter 1.

Over the years, players have been asking me for the ways to support me. I decided for patreon, as a convenient way for fans to help me with the projects I'm working on. Your support will help me create the next chapters of the Trader of Stories series and to expand the game in terms of both plot and technical issues.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts